'Game of Golf' Tea Towel

'Game of Golf' Tea Towel

The Game of Golf - Can be used as a Tea Towel or pinned as a wall hanging.


"Interesting Facts and Useful Information..

No matter how bad you are playing, it is possible to play worse.

If you really want to get better at golf, go back and take it up at an earlier age.

Since bad shots come in groups of three, a fourth bad shot is actually the beginning of the next group of three.

Every player replaces his divot after a perfect approach shot.

A golf match is a test of your skill against your opponents luck.

The shortest distance between two points on a golf course usually pass through the centre of a large tree.

Hazards attract: fairways repel.

A ball you can see in the rough from 50 yeards away is not yours.

Don't buy a putter until you have the chance to throw it.

You can put 'draw' on a ball and 'fade' on a ball but no golfer can put 'straight' on the ball.

The less skilled a golfer the more likely he is to share his ideas about the golf swing.

You can hit a two acre fairway 10% of the time and a two inch branch 90% of the time.

A good grip is essential, especially at the 19th hole."

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