'In My Hand I Hold A Ball' Tea Towel

'In My Hand I Hold A Ball' Tea Towel

In My Hand I Hold A Ball - A new verse for 2012... Another ideal gift for the avid Golfer!

Can be used as a Tea Towel or pinned as a wall hanging

In my hand I hold a ball,

White and dimpled, rather small.

See how bland it does appear,

This harmless looking little sphere.

To master such a tiny ball,

should not be very hard at all.

But my desire the ball refuses,

And flies exactly where it chooses.

With miles of grass on which to land,

It finds a tiny grain of sand.

Then out of the blue it has a whim,

To hit a tree or take a swim.

It hooks and slices, dribbles, dies,

Then disappears before my eyes!

Deep from the rough I bare my soul

"Dear Lord, oh please, just find the hole."

My life has never been the same,

Since I took up this wretched game.

It plagues my mind for hours on end,

A fortune it has made me spend.

It's made me whimper like a pup,

And swear that I will give it up.

But -

this little ball that causes pain

knows one good shot -

I'm back again!"

Adapted by Helen Piddock-Jones

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