'What Have They Done To Our Words?' A5 Greeting Card

'What Have They Done To Our Words?' A5 Greeting Card

What Have They Done To Our Words? - A humorous poster making light of how the computer has changed meaning of words!

A DISC used to be something that slipped when you hurt your back.

A WEB was what a spider made and a RAM was a male sheep.

A NET was for fishing or to hold your hair in place and a MOUSE was a furry little creature with whiskers.

BUGS and VIRUSES were something you caught that made you ill, and CHIP went with fish.

A HACKER was someone with a bad cough and a CURSOR was someone with bad language.

A LOAD went on a lorry and a BOOT went on your foot.

You found builders or caravans on a SITE and you parked your car on a DRIVE.

A ZIP held your clothes together and FLOPPY meant limp.

You hung your washing ON LINE, you sent a CARD at Christmas, and a DESKTOP was the place for your blotter.

You called a butler or a waitress a SERVER and a religious artefact was an ICON.

WALLPAPER brighten'd up a room and MOTHERBOARD was mum when she was fed up!

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