'Bowler's If' Tea Towel Bowling

'Bowler's If' Tea Towel Bowling

"Bowler's If" Tea Towel - An amusing Tea towel all about the sport of Bowling.

Ideal gift for the bowling enthusiast - can be used or pinned to the wall.

"If you can build a head, when lead or second are playing wide, or narrow, or too short, and third,

upon whose skill you always reckoned is doing anything but what he ought.

If you can win, and not be too uplifted, or lose, and not be downcast by defeat,

remembering that the lucky of the gifted, can, on their off days both be badly beat.

If you can smile, and not give way to cursing, or blame the green,

or deem your luck too hard when the position you've been grimly nursing is shattered by a drive you could not guard.

If you can draw the shot right on the kitty when half a dozen woods are in your way.

If you can grin and hum a cheerful ditty when ends are burnt and jack is out of play.

If you can give your third the hand you favour and see him take the other and go wide,

and then go down, and try and draw a saver with the kitty guarded well on every side.

If you can drive, and miss, and not be worried by your opponent's shout of "still we lie",

and draw again with heart and brain unflurried, and tap the winning wood and make it fly.

If you can draw the shot in the last minute when yells are called and something must be done,

yours is the game and you deserve to win it, and what is more, you'll be a skip, my son."

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