'I'm Getting Fit!' Tea Towel

'I'm Getting Fit!' Tea Towel

I'm Getting Fit! - A great gift for those who "love" the gym!


"I must go down to the gym again

to the lonely mat and bike,

And all I ask is a real good sweat

the same as a ten mile hike. 

I'll swing those weights I'll flex my pecs

I'll jog and step and bend, 

I'll row like mad I'll pedal hard 

until I reach the end.

With lycra suit my vest and thong 

I really look the part.

Aerobics, yoga, dance and step, 

are classes yet to start. 

I'll "strut my stuff" to firm my thighs 

and flatten my rounded tum, 

I'll crunch and curl and squeeze and pump

to squash my flabby bum.

And when it's all done, my time is up 

I'll shower off my sweat, 

then down a pint with bags of crisps 

undoing all benefit! 

Hey ho!

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